AEM is the only solution provider that has developed purpose-built field test equipment to support a wide range of smart building technologies pervasive in today’s modern network infrastructures.

AEM’s Precision Cable Test solutions are designed and developed by the team that brings more than four decades of experience designing solutions for customers in enterprise and automotive, and as a result, has produced highly accurate RF measurement systems for AEM Precision Cable Test.

AEM test solutions have introduced disruptive technologies including several industry firsts, resulting in numerous industry awards. AEM solutions are purpose-built for users across the lifecycle stages of the wiring and connectors be it the manufacturing, or laboratory environment, as well as during installation or daily network troubleshooting. AEM Precision Cable Test solutions are also used to support testing of our Semiconductor test technologies.

AEM test solutions provide not only copper and fiber certification of the underlying infrastructure cabling, but extend to testing various types of powering technologies, assurance of required link speeds, as well as network connectivity and operational details for both the wired and wireless network infrastructure. This breadth of testing capability provides users with a comprehensive test solution that will support installation to implementation needs.

AEM’s Smart Building test solutions are purpose-built to provide a unique set of testing functionality that spans a wide range of technology, through the modular test platform. These Products are solutions including the Network Service Assistant, designed for Network Administers, and the TestPro CV100, designed for cable contractors and system integrators.


TestPro CV100

The award winning TestPro CV100 Multifunction Cable Certifier, this product is purpose-built for today’s modern Smart Building network infrastructure.

Network Service Assistant

The innovative Network Service Assistant Multifunction Connectivity Tester, represents a new class of qualification+ testing.