How to achieve fast, high quality testing of copper and fibre cabling

The proliferation of the Internet and smart buildings, increased investment in the telecommunications sector and the growth of data centres around the world are driving the demand for structured cabling and, consequently, the need for efficient testing of network installations.

The structured cabling industry, from manufacturers to designers and installers, is facing accelerated growth driven by system convergence, edge computing and cyber security. The speed at which telcos, systems integrators and cabling companies are migrating to fibre, green cabling, power over Ethernet (PoE) and other highly sensitive copper cabling technologies is increasing the demands on the delivery of quality structured cabling installations. Finally, the manufacturers of passive and active network equipment are making the certification and warranty of systems dependent on the performance of appropriate tests, which are becoming more and more demanding in terms of human resources, know-how and time due to the increasing complexity of the network.

Taking structured cabling testing to the next level

Structured cabling professionals need solutions that are affordable while offering the widest range of capabilities for use with a variety of cabling technologies in passive networks and applications.

The AEM TestPro CV100 structured cabling test system is recognised by cable companies around the world as the answer to the trends and growing demands of cabling construction, from data centres to smart buildings.

Speed: Users say the solution is extremely efficient and much faster than competing devices, allowing installers to test multiple connections in a day’s work, saving companies time and money.

Ease of use: The AEM TestPro CV100 testers are simple and intuitive to use, allowing cable infrastructure to be tested quickly and successfully by staff of varying skill levels.

Price: Additional cost benefits are provided by a price that is significantly lower than the competition, especially as network installers can use the same equipment to test copper, fibre and wireless networks.

The AEM TestPro CV100 allows installation teams to use a single instrument with the same user interface for all tests, changing only the interfaces for each cable type – a particular advantage in smart buildings where complex cabling infrastructures are involved, from fibre optic to CAT6A cabling for PoE, CCTV, automation, and other advanced applications.

For those responsible for deploying and ensuring the operation of access points, IoT systems, smart lighting and security systems, TestPro CV100 offers a comprehensive set of tests to ensure the infrastructure is ready to support these advanced technologies. For example, TestPro CV100 certifies CAT6A cables in seconds, including all standard test parameters and additional parameters such as DC resistance imbalance, TCL and ELTCTL transmission losses and distance to fault. In addition, TestPro CV100 provides Level 1 fibre certification and, in combination with OTDR, Level 2 fibre certification.

In addition to the most feature-rich modular platform, AEM’s system also incorporates LiveWiremap software, which provides instant audio and visual confirmation of connectivity between endpoints. Users confirm that testing is further simplified by the use of dual displays – at both ends of the link – and by the sheer speed and ease of test execution and generating reports.