» Only together and connected can we achieve the best results. «

Una Süssinger

Co-owner and director

»We have been connecting with pride and passion for many years. Quality invisible connections of information technology are the foundation of the most successful visible projects of today and tomorrow. Welcome to the future.«

Peter Süssinger

Co-owner and business director

»We create in a science- and development-intensive industry that is increasingly defining our future. We recognize challenges as an occasion to find new solutions. We create value-added solutions with tradition, knowledge and experience.«

Egon Süssinger

Director of Sales

»The combination of having a Diploma degree in electrical engineering and being a sales consultant was the foundation of the company EGAL, d.o.o., Ljubljana, more than 30 years ago. It is a pleasure to work again in a company where knowledge and trends from all over the world are transferred to the local area, namely in the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe. Successful sales and customer consulting is a part of sincere and honest relationships between people, which is why I trust in the long-term cooperation between trustworthy partners.«

Elma Džafić

Sales & Marketing Support

»Egal is a company where continuous development, growth and integration is the key to success. We respect traditions and look at a bright future with innovation, optimism, and enthusiasm. Our value grows as we develop our mission, skills, and upgrade knowledge. By strengthening this awareness and our daily actions, we are co-creators of an amazing business story, so I am extremely happy to be a part of it.«

Robert Zore

Business Development Manager

»United we stand! I believe in team spirit, mutual cooperation, genuine relationships and top professional support. EGAL is all of that and more. I am happy to be a member of such a team. Together we will co-create a better tomorrow.

Simon Christopoulos

Panduit, Atlona, AEM & Klein Tools Representative in Cyprus

»I have been working with Panduit for the past 21 years and all this time I always have had their full support. In Cyprus, there are more than 1.2 million Panduit copper outlets and about 1.1 million Panduit fiber connections installed – incredibly we never had any problems or complaints regarding faulty or non-performing products. It is reliability that has established Panduit as the prime solution on the island. Every consultant in Cyprus knows and appreciates the Panduit solution. By offering the right quality products and the required technical and commercial support, Panduit enables the successful realization of the target.«

Sergiy Sopov

Sergiy Sopov

Panduit, Atlona, AEM & Klein Tools Representative in Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenia & Uzbekistan

I have been working for Panduit since 16 years and after hundreds projects from Tajikistan to Belarus, I can say – Panduit is a great company, providing high-end solutions for physical infrastructure of data centres and enterprise network. World class quality combined with the warm-heartedness of a family company.

Daniel Chynoransky

Daniel Chynoransky

Panduit, Atlona, AEM & Klein Tools Representative in Slovakia & Czech Republic

»I have started to work with Panduit in 1998 and since then, ‘quality’ is the word I hear most often from the customers. Complete mix of products, innovation, availability and very flexible customer service are positioning Panduit among the top players in the market. Panduit is made for the investors who appreciate reliability, scalability, long term quality and future-oriented solutions. Based on many years of experience with Panduit I know that proper solution makes people enjoy in their work.«