Wire harness

An integrated solution for cable harness manufacturers.

Wire Harness Assembly and Bundling Solutions

Accelerate deployment time while boosting safety and savings with application tooling, technical support, and global product availability.

More Productive Wire Harness Assembly and Bundling

Organize, connect, and protect wires and cables for optimum performance with wire harness assembly and bundling solutions. With proven cost-containment approaches, technical support, and global availability of products, our wire harness solutions can help you reduce wire harness assembly time, increase productivity, and improve safety.

PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System

The Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System addresses these challenges by introducing a series of next generation features and functionality engineered for high-volume efficiency and operator ease. With industry leading cycle times that are 25% faster than other automatic cable tie systems and 6X faster than conventional manual cable tie installations, your productivity and profitability will increase in the blink of an eye.


Wire Harness Solutions

Wire Harness Solutions

Panduit wire harness products are designed with productivity in mind, allowing for quick development and assembly.

Wire Harness Best Practices eBook

Explore the eBook for insights on best practices in wire harness manufacturing and strategies for reducing downtime and improving throughout.

Wire and Cable Management Resource Center

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